Nov 062014

Everton FC correspondent Greg O’Keeffe has hailed James McCarthy as a “Rolls Royce of a player” – and says the Blues may now be dreaming of the Europa League final in Warsaw.

Roberto Martinez’s side took a big step towards qualifying for the last 32 of the Europa League with a convincing 3-0 win over Lille.

The French club had no answer to the pace and movement of the Blues – and Greg singled out midfielder McCarthy for special praise.

“It was a wonderful night,” said Greg. “There were many performances in blue that were worth celebrating. James McCarthy was unbelievably good, as ever, a Rolls Royce of a player if ever there was one.

“Those dreams of Warsaw may just start taking off.”

Greg also hailed the entire squad’s performance.

“It was absolutely superb,” said Greg. “Leon Osman set the tone on the day he signed his contract extension with a move typical of the way Everton played.

“He was even able to rest people in the second half, giving time to people like Christian Atsu, Mo Besic and Darron Gibson – an important player who hasn’t had many minutes some key time on the pitch.”

We also spoke to some Everton fans outside Goodison Park after the full time whistle.

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