Mar 102015

Stoke City are investigating claims two Everton FC supporters got into their stadium by pretending to be a disabled fan and his carer.

It is thought the pair borrowed a wheelchair for their last-minute trip because the only tickets (Click to find tickets) they could get were for the disabled seating area.

Everton lost 2-0 to Stoke at the Britannia Stadium last Wednesday.

The wheelchair imposters boasted about their antics on the website and the Football Bible page on Facebook.

One of the men, whose identities are not known, wrote online: “Me and my mate decided to do to Stoke away last minute on Wednesday.

Posts taken from and the Football Bible page on Facebook which appear to show two Everton fans gained entry to the away game at Stoke City on Wednesday, March 4 by pretending to be a disabled man and his carer

“The only spare ticket we could get was in the disabled section though.

“So he borrowed a wheelchair from work and I went as his carer. We are scum, aren’t we?”

He also joked they were “going to hell for what we did in Stoke”.

Their claims on the Football Bible page were accompanied by a photo showing a man in a wheelchair dressed in blue.

Stoke City bosses confirmed they were aware of the pair’s online boasts, but said it was up to Everton to take action against the men.

A Stoke City spokesman said: “We have been made aware of the claims of two Everton fans that they gained access to last week’s game at the Britannia Stadium masquerading as a disabled supporter in a wheelchair and carer.

“If their claims prove correct and the people concerned can be identified, it will be for Everton to take action against them as appropriate.”

The ECHO has requested a comment from Everton.

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