Jul 192014

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Apologies, I’m a bit late with my diary today but it’s been a busy – and funny – day. But I’ll tell you more about that in tomorrow’s!

After the usual start to the day on Thursday – spinning and yoga – we went off on a bike ride. I think the manager and the coaches just wanted to change it up a bit, and that particular session wasn’t as tough as I thought it was going to be.

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We did a nice steady pace for an hour or so and we got to see a bit of the area near where we’re staying. It’s very quiet around here though, and I think we only saw two or three people in the entire hour!

In the afternoon, I just kipped before we had a football session around 4.30pm. We did a few little games working 11 v 10 and some shooting as well.

Pre-season is all about getting back into the swing of things and when you’re doing two or three sessions a day it definitely helps you get up to pace that bit quicker.

I feel like I’m as fit as I hoped to be at this stage, I feel good and I’ve feel like each day I’ve been building up that fitness.

It’s also helped me being around the senior players. You watch them, see what they do, how they conduct themselves and it’s good experience for all us young lads. You can’t help but learn from being around them.

Away from the pitch, I didn’t really listen to much music yesterday but I want to recommend two local bands. You can’t go wrong supporting local talent!

The Tea Street Band
and The Hummingbirds.

The Humming Birds have got a ’60s vibe going on and The Tea Street Band are a bit more upbeat with their own sound. Give them a listen!


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