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“This is the best move I could have hoped for. The manager has faith in  me. Some of his ways are totally different”

Aiden McGeady

Aidan McGeadyis loving life at Everton FC – but admits he is on a guilt trip because of his new manager’s attacking philosophy.

The former Celtic star fell out numerous times with his former Parkhead boss Gordon Strachan, but says that Roberto Martinez has a completely different approach to anything he has  encountered before.

And he is loving it.

McGeady explained: “This is the best move I could have hoped for. The manager has faith in  me. Some of his ways are totally different.

“He doesn’t want me to track back. Those were the instructions I received for games against  West Ham, Stevenage and Villa.

“My natural instinct is to track back and I started to do it a few times. But he told me to stay up  the pitch and let the opposition worry about me. It’s different from other managers I’ve had in the  past.

“I will keep working hard and want to be a success in the English Premier League. I want to take  my game to the next level.

“I’m missing a bit of sharpness at the moment but I’ll get that back.”

McGeady credits his old Parkhead boss Strachan for instilling the work ethic which now comes  as second nature – but he admits that it wasn’t always the case.

<img src="" width="615" height="843" alt="Everton vs Norwich City at Goodison Park. Aiden McGeady is welcomed by the blues fans…” class=”captify” title=”Everton vs Norwich City at Goodison Park. Aiden McGeady is welcomed by the blues fans…” /> Everton vs Norwich City at Goodison Park. Aiden McGeady is welcomed by the blues fans…  

“Myself and Strachan had our differences but overall he took my game to the next level,” added  McGeady.

“I won several Player of the Year awards in 2008 and he did help me a lot.

“He was always on at me. Tracking back was probably his thing for me. The penny finally  dropped for me that I had to bring that into my game.

“If you don’t track back then you are a luxury player, aren’t you? Only so many luxury players  get a game every week at top clubs. You have to be unbelievable, really, to be allowed to be a  luxury.

“He also wanted me to appreciate the work ethic side of the game and become more tuned  in to being a team player.

“So to improve I had to bring that into my game. I worked on it – I was conscious my role had  to change.

“In terms of our disagreements, I’d maybe do a couple of things differently.

“In my opinion, a lot of the time, I wasn’t in the wrong.

“Now, maybe, I would bite my tongue. But there is no point in going back over it.”

 McGeady believes he is a more mature individual now – especially since he got married to  Claire.

With a two-year-old daughter Kaia and another baby due in July – he has no option but to take  a different outlook on and off the park.

He said: “Goodness, when I think back to when I was 19 and 20 it was about the next night  out. After the full-time whistle on a Saturday I wanted to know who was going out and where we  were going.

“Now it’s more about spending time with the family and getting up the road to see relatives and  friends you’ve not seen for a while. Living in Liverpool is great because we can shoot up the road  for a day. In Russia I got home once every six months.

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“I’m also more into looking back over my performance and learning from it.

“I have a different perspective on life. We have a young daughter so I also miss out on my  afternoon kips now. I don’t get that luxury any more!”

 Republic of Ireland international McGeady will be back in Glasgow later this year for the Euro  2016 qualifier against Scotland.

 And, like Blues team-mate James McCarthy, having been born in Scotland but electing to play  for Ireland, he is expecting a lively reception.

 “I’m expecting a bit of abuse from the Scotland fans. It’s also bound to happen to James,” he  added. “I expect the verbal abuse will be worse (for me) if the game is played at Ibrox but I won’t  let it bother me.”

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