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I would not say that Everton FC are in relegation fight.

But, the table does not make for pleasant viewing.

To be honest, the Blues are best not looking at it

I still agree with Roberto Martinez that there is enough talent in the squad but Everton could do with a little bit of the way West Brom have been playing under Tony Pulis.

Rather than thinking they are going to go out there and dominate, entertain and score loads of goals maybe they need to start thinking about the opposition more.

It has been suggested that the players and management hold clear-the-air talks this week.

But you can talk too much.

Harry Catterick offers a classic example of how to treat the players when they are on a bad run.

If we had lost he would take us to Southport for a walk along the front but if we had won then he would run us to death in training.

Everton Manager Harry Catterick welcomes his new signing Howard Kendall to Goodison in March 1967.

We were obviously desperate to win but we didn’t want to go in on a Tuesday and have to do all that running!

But whatever Martinez does he needs to make sure they have a spring in their step ahead of the next game.

The fact that they have the Europa League tie with Dynamo Kiev before the visit of Newcastle may be a good thing.

It means the players won’t be deep in thought for too long about.

Spitting is the pits – but Figueroa tackle was worse

When I was a player, spitting was the worst thing one player could do to another.

It was seen as a real insult.

I remember a Wolverhampton player, who shall remain nameless, doing that to Mickey Bernard right in front of me.

It was disgusting.

Now we have biting come into the game but I felt what happened to Stephen Ireland at the weekend against Hull was worse than either spitting or biting.

Maynor Figueroa's controversial tackle on Stephen Ireland Maynor Figueroa’s controversial tackle on Stephen Ireland

We cannot allow a bite or someone spitting to pass, of course not, but that challenge Maynor Figueroa left on Ireland was worse than either.

A tale of two Lukes – but Everton FC’s is the better

There’s two promising young left-backs in the Premier League who go by the name of Luke – but one is better than the other.

Manchester United paid a lot of money for Luke Shaw in the summer but Everton’s Luke – Luke Garbutt – looks the better bet for me.

Luke Garbutt Luke Garbutt

The lad looks a natural. Sure there are certain points of his play that need to be improved but United have found problems with their own Luke.

Garbutt looks to me like he has a hell of a chance of making it at the top level.

He does need to learn that, as a defender, he must defend first and play afterwards.

I don’t just include John Stones in this bracket either but if you look at other defenders at the club, such as Tony Hibbert or Phil Jagielka and Sylvain Distin, their priority is to always defend.

The first job is to defend, and then you play – or pass it to someone who you know can.

It’s never pretty in the Potteries

STOKE is a place where you go and you know it’s not going to be pretty.

You know what to expect if you are not up for it and so sometimes, you have to change your method of play against these sides.

What worries me is the lack of goals in Everton and the fact that we are conceding as well.

First of all, Everton need to make sure all is right at the back: defend first and then play later.

Defending has to be the priority but the way things are going, it is the playing side that is coming first but the Blues can’t afford that – unless they are scoring goals.

Stoke City's Victor Moses scores his side's first goal of the game at the Britannia Stadium. Stoke City’s Victor Moses scores his side’s first goal of the game at the Britannia Stadium.

But I can’t see many goals in the side at the present time.

Many supporters were disappointed because Everton didn’t line-up with two out-and-out wingers.

I have never been a fan of wingers.

They tend not to do their job defensively and that leaves you vulnerable, they don’t want to defend.

Everton finished the game with two centre-forwards on the pitch with Arouna Kone playing the final half an hour.

Everton's Romelu Lukaku (left) and Stoke City's Geoff Cameron (right) battle for the ball Everton’s Romelu Lukaku (left) goes close at the Britannia

I’ve seen many strikers like Romelu Lukaku in the past. They burst on the scene with their new club, they want to prove themselves to the fans and the club.

But then the next minute they’re saying to themselves ‘hang on a second, I’m up here on my own’.

Players can quickly lose that enthusiasm if they are not being helped.

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