May 222015

After the celebrations and remembrance of Everton FC’s 1995 FA Cup final win, our man Dave Prentice turned his thoughts to a burning question: why have the Blues not won a trophy since?

You can read Prenno’s full musings on the issue by clicking here.

It was an analysis which, unsurprisingly, received a lot of feedback.

Here’s a round-up of the best reaction to Everton’s 20 years without a trophy.


@LivEchoEFC @prenno Florentina ’08 was huge chance blown. FA cup SF ’12 & moreso QF ’13. Negative tactics for all. But just not rich enough.

— Michael Doran (@MichaelDoran74) May 22, 2015

@LivEchoEFC @prenno 95 FA Cup is misleading. We were in trouble then but got lucky. Could/should be longer than 20 years.

— Dan Siron (@Danno375) May 22, 2015

@LivEchoEFC @prenno 100% lack of ambition at board level due to a board thats inept clueless & never questioned by any media outlets

— Mark Jennings (@markefc_) May 22, 2015

@LivEchoEFC couldn’t get a trophy cabinet in IKEA so we didn’t bother

— Steviemac (@steviemac2010) May 21, 2015

@LivEchoEFC too easy to blame the board. Swansea and Wigan won trophies with shallow pockets. Moyes bottling the big games didn’t help.

— Not Fickle (@0151bluenose74) May 21, 2015

@LivEchoEFC Moyes won three manager of the year awards in eleven years, but bottled virtually every big game and won us nothing. That’s why.

— Kris Hutchinson (@HutchTweeting) May 21, 2015

@LivEchoEFC it’s all about the money

— John Kelly (@BlueJohn61) May 21, 2015

@deneils @LivEchoEFC @prenno a well crafted piece. Can’t wait for part 2. Kings Dock, FSF, Destination Kirkby debacle, badge fiasco……..

— Dave Kelly (@DavefcKelly) May 21, 2015

ECHO Facebook page

Mike Homfray: This is really rather silly. There are no buyers waiting in the wings. Everton is a club based in a relatively poor city, where land values are low. On this land lies a very outdated stadium. These things do not attract billionaire buyers.

Alex Mitchell: Thing is, we really could be right now. We really could. We just haven’t been turning up when it matters most.

John Wardale: Bad luck, bad business, Rupert Murdoch.

ECHO comments

Kingbillmbe: No mention of the Wigan quarter final in Moyes’ last season. Bad timing as this was Everton’s best chance of silverware for years. But as the stats reveal, the more money you spend the more likely you win a trophy.

Roger: There is no doubt that massive finance is now required to compete for the Premier League title. However the cup competitions are different for in recent years we have seen less prominent clubs competing in the finals. Invariably Everton have gone out of competitions in early rounds and that is something that is more difficult to accept.

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