Nov 092014
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Everton FC reporter Greg O’Keeffe was at the Stadium of Light to see the Blues grab a draw against Sunderland and he says that it could be a case of one point gained rather than two dropped for Roberto Martinez’s men .

Greg says: “I suppose on the overall balance of play it was a point gained. That doesn’t stop it being a frustrating afternoon.

“Everton did play the better stuff, and did create chances, but in the final third they just weren’t good enough.

“There’s plenty to mull over during the international break.

“It was frustrating but they didn’t lose and that’s something that they’ll take (from the game).”


He also gives his view on Gareth Barry’s injury, after the midfielder was stretchered off early in the game.

He said: “It’s a huge blow. I’ve just spoken to some of the players and I believe he’s telling the lads that he doesn’t think that they’ve found a break.

“But he’s on crutches and in a brace and it’s just awful news. He’s without doubt Everton’s most influential player along with James McCarthy.

“You’ve just got to pray that it’s not a prolonged one because the Blues can ill afford to be without him.”

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