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Everton legend Graeme Sharp surprised a shocked Blues fan on her doorstep by crowning her Blues’ Mum of the Year.

Mum Marion Veach was nominated by her daughter Rachel Cumpstey for the competition to find the most worthy Evertonian mum in celebration of Mother’s Day 2015.

Marion, from West Derby and an Everton season ticket holder for 12 years, was chosen after suffering a tough year, which sadly ended with the loss of her husband in January after 48 years of marriage.

And ex-player Sharpy had no hesitation in selecting Marion from hundreds of entries as the club’s very deserving winner, as part of the Blues’ 2015/16 season ticket campaign, ‘We are Chosen’.

Blues’ Mum of the Year Marion Veach with Everton legend Graeme Sharp

Marion said: “My daughter asked me to take a delivery and when the door went – I thought this delivery man looks the image of Graeme Sharp.

“It’s also someone else who wins things, I never expected it – I was on cloud nine. The last few months have been difficult but we got through, but it has been hard, George and I would have been married 49 years next month, but this is just lovely.

“It’s also someone else that gets the prize, but I feel so special, it’s lovely.”

The kind mother of three and grandmother to eight, cared for her husband until the end and over the last 30 years has also been a pillar of strength in the community, supporting a local Cub and Scout pack and a youth group, who have all benefited from her time and help.

Rachel said: “I know everyone says that their mum is the best but mine is just such an inspiration. Throughout her adult life she has done so much for others and always has time to offer a hug, words of comfort or just a shoulder to cry on.

Rachel Cumpstey nominated her mum Marion Veach was crowned Blues’ Mum of the Year by Graeme Sharp

“My mum and dad brought their season tickets (Click to find tickets) 12 years ago and loved going to watch Everton. When my father fell ill about three years ago and couldn’t go to the match anymore, my friend and I took over his season ticket to make sure mum still went. In a way it was like a little respite for her as she enjoys going to Goodison so much.”

Marion will receive a memorable match day experience on Mother’s Day, when Everton take on Newcastle at Goodison Park, wearing her own personalised shirt.

Club ambassador Graeme Sharp said: “Judging the competition was very hard as there were so many worthy entries, but Marion’s nomination really stood out. She has suffered a great loss but is still a huge part of her local community, helping out where she can.

“It was fantastic to see the smile on Marion’s face. She’s looking forward to the game against Newcastle. I hope Marion has a wonderful Mother’s Day this weekend.”

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