Oct 082014
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Everton FC fan Patrick Marshall captured this great footage of Krasnodar fans, that looked as though they are members of the Russian army, supporting their team ahead of the game.

Around 800 dedicated Blues made the 3000-mile round trip to watch Roberto Martinez’s men draw 1-1 with the Russian outfit, paying hundreds of pounds and taking several flights to get there.

Patrick said the trip was a “success” and praised the fans and people of Krasnodar.

He told the ECHO: “Overall I would say the trip, despite not getting three points, was a success.

“You hear so much bad press about Russia via media but while out there I never came across any hostile situations. The people in Krasnodar couldn’t have been more helpful, constantly saying hello, offering us directions and help and in some cases buying us a couple of beers.

“In the stadium it was a little quieter than the usual European grounds to begin with, I presume this is down to the fact the team hasn’t been around for a long while. We at Everton and other teams in the Premier League constantly sing about history and the Everton greats, but with them only being established a few years ago I presume this would be hard.

“The army looked like it was dragged in to create a help this situation. It did help and the crowd followed suit and joined in.

“It was a bit crazy at first seeing every single member of the army join in and bounce in sync.  After the game we even had a Krasnodar fan hop on to our coach to say hello and to swap a scarf for any bit of Everton memorabilia that we had.”


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