Apr 112015
Phil Kirkbride on Sly Stallone's 'interest' in Everton Video loading

Everton FC fans have been having their say after Hollywood star Sly Stallone admitted he regrets not buying the Blues.

Stallone told the Daily Mirror: “If I knew what I know now I’d have snapped it up.

“That was when football clubs were affordable but now it’s a billionaire’s game.”

Blues supporters have been responding to the news on Facebook and Twitter.

Alan Grice said: “Get all the Expendables together and I’m sure they could afford it.”

Nick Despres said: “First player he would buy would be west ham goalkeeper ADRIAN!!”

Joe Lavery said: “Could be a knockout blow to the Reds!”

And Louise D said: “It would be amazing! The kits would have stallions on like Rocky’s dressing gown!”

Click the video above to hear our Everton reporter Phil Kirkbride’s thoughts on Stallone.

In pictures: Sly Stallone visits Everton

Sylvester Stallone at Goodison VIEW GALLERY

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