May 092014

Hundreds of you logged in to our live webchat today with Greg O’Keeffe

Everton FC reporter Greg O’Keeffe joined our daily EFC liveblog today to answer your questions in the build-up to the Blues’ final game of the season at Hull City on Sunday.

THT:  Do you think Gareth Barry will stay ? I’m not sure now think he may move on.

Greg: From what I gather it’s 50/50. He’ll either join permanently or move on. Either way money won’t be an issue. He knows what Everton can pay and it’s more a case of what he wants to do for probably his final move.

Mark Bretherton:  Where will Martinez look to strengthen this summer?

Greg: In midfield certainly. If Barry moves he will want another English international. Also in attack.

Ian Daniels:  Lots of big money being bandied about in media last few days with TV deals etc, and should be some left over from last summer(s) but we been here before, what realistically do you think our transfer budget will be this summer?

Greg: It’s just guess work because it’s hard to know how much of the TV revenue will go to the manager. He had a chunk of money left over from last summer so I’d hope it would be a sizeable amount and give him room to strengthen the squad as much as is required for Europa League etc.

Vince Taylor:  Hi Greg. How would you score this season out of 10? What has been your highlight of the season?

Greg: Good question. I’d say a solid and positive 7.5 and I’d say my personal highlight was that 1-0 win at Old Trafford.

Vince Taylor:  Is three at the back a long-term prospect for the Blues?

Greg: I’d imagine we will see it more often next season but Martinez wants his team to be tactically flexible so less likely to see it week in week out.

Simon Conley: Is there any truth to the talk that Everton will receive nearly 90 million for finishing 5th and tv?

Greg: It’s just educated speculation based on last season’s figures – but there will inevitably be a huge chunk of money coming the club’s way.

Paul White:  Will Bobby be getting us more loan deals? Deulofeu to stay?

Greg: Would say there’s a decent chance he might stay. I think he’s likely to continue to try and supplement the squad via the loan market as well as permanent deals.

Simon Conley:  Champions League football if we win next season Europa league! Will Martinez be spending big to give everton every chance of winning it! If the board allows?

Greg: He’s always said the club will emerge stronger from every transfer window so I’d say so.

Chris Wilson:  If Gareth Barry doesn’t sign, will we look to spend big on a replacement?

Greg: The manager will certainly target a replacement of similar stature and they won’t come cheap.

Ged Jones:  Will Oviedo play at Hull? Or on the bench? Are we really going to try to keep Traore?

Greg: No chance RE Oviedo. His involvement in the World Cup is not 100% guaranteed yet. Martinez does want to keep Traore. He rates him massively.

David Bridge: No mention of Duffy yesterday when Roberto talking of loans. What your thoughts on his future?

Greg: I think he will still get a chance in pre-season, unless he asks to leave.

Marko Poutiainen:  Greg, how likely do you think the latest Everton stadium plan is to happen?

Greg: It’s impossible to say although with the finances still proving a major obstacle you’d have to say it’s unlikely to be happening in the short-term i.e. the next 3-5 years.

Liam Knight:  Do you see Gibson in the manager’s long term thinking?

Greg: Yes. He needs to prove his long-term fitness but Martinez likes him as a player and will need all bodies on board for a bumper next campaign .

Rob Rice: Any news on possible off-season friendlies?

Greg: No concrete news on the pre-season tour yet. Celtic have been mentioned as one potential opponent over the summer though, a game I’m sure would be well received.

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