Apr 102014

Both the city’s clubs and the Merseyside economy will cash in from participation in Europe’s premier football tournament

Liverpool and Everton Football Clubs will earn at least another £25m each next season if they both qualify for the Champions League.

And the wider city region economy could also benefit to the tune of tens of millions of pounds, according to a leading academic at the University of Liverpool’s Management School.

Liverpool’s qualification for UEFA’s premier tournament is looking almost certain while Everton now also have a great chance of qualification after beating nearest rivals Arsenal last weekend.

Kieran Maguire of the school’s Football Industries Group says both clubs would earn an extra £25m in TV money just by playing in the group stages of the competition.

That figure would double if either team went on to actually lift the trophy and that figure could grow further if they could negotiate extra revenues from their commercial partners who would benefit from the greater exposure.

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Mr Maguire said: “Last season Liverpool had total revenue of £206m, but the club will be able to negotiate substantial increases with commercial partners if they can add Champions League exposure.

“Last season Everton had total income of £86m, and the new Sky TV deal that kicked in this season will give them at least another £15m.

“Roberto Martinez, whose astute management in the transfer market has brought in a net £14m this season, will have a sizeable transfer kitty available to him to boost the squad too.”

Mr Maguire added that if Liverpool lift the Premier League trophy this season then TV and prize money alone will total almost £100m.

“If both clubs can maintain their Champions League status then the rewards in 2015/16 will be even higher, as BT Sport have secured the exclusive rights to European football from that season and Champions League qualifications will be worth a minimum of £40m a year,” he said.

“It’s not just the clubs themselves that will benefit. Potential matches against high profile opposition such as Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich, and the fans that they will bring, along with the increased international media profile, will have a positive impact on the city’s profile.

“A recent study indicated that the average overseas football fan spends £776 when watching their team play overseas, which is great for the airport, hoteliers, bar owners, taxi drivers and restaurants.

“Each home match is potentially worth up to £2.5m to the city economy, which means that there could be a £15m boost to the local economy if both clubs qualify for the group stages of the Champions League, and far more if they progress further.”

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Tourist industry hoping Liverpool and Everton reach Champions League

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