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Everton manager Roberto Martinez believes that Ross Barkley deserves as much – if not more – praise than Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Dele Alli.

The Toffees and Spurs drew 1-1 at Goodison Park on Sunday afternoon, with Alli grabbing the headlines for his superb equaliser, but Martinez wants further recognition for Barkley’s ‘incredible’ development over the past three seasons.

“I thought Ross Barkley was immense,” said the Spanish coach.

“I know Dele Alli’s a young man, he’s grabbing headlines, he’s doing well, and rightly so.

“But in Ross we’ve seen an incredible evolution over the last three season; from a player with an incredible talent, with technical ability and power and pace, to becoming a thinker.

“He’s someone that can do the defensive work, like he did in the first half today, then becoming an incredible threat on the counter in the second, finding space, always wanting the ball.

“He’s such a brave man to take the ball into any situation, and then having that quality and eye to find an assist and a goal.

“I thought his performance today was of an incredible maturity.”

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