Dec 222014

Former Everton favourite Tim Cahill says he has had offers to return to the Premier League.

The Australian has one year left on his deal with MLS club New York Red Bulls and has revealed he has already turned down the chance to come back to play in England on loan.

But Cahill, who is preparing for next month’s Asian Cup, says he remains interested in returning to play in the Premier League.

“The future’s bright,’ Cahill told the Australian Associated Press.

“I’ve got another year left on my New York Red Bulls contract.

“The main feeling for me is every time I’m at a club, I like to be there for a long time.

Tim Cahill’s EFC story in pictures:

Everton's Tim Cahill celebrates scoring against Manchester City by pulling his shirt over his head during their Barclays Premiership match at the City of Manchester Stadium, Manchester Saturday, September 11, 2004. Cahill was sent off by referee Steve Bennett for his second bookable offence following his celebration. VIEW GALLERY

“To be totally honest, I could have gone back to the Premier League on loan after the World Cup and I decided to stay with Red Bulls for the remainder of the season and still (have) options to go back to the Premier League if it’s the right one for me.

“So when you put everything into one, the decision I make will be a methodical one, like I’ve always made it.

“It will take a month or so but I think people will be quietly impressed with what I’m trying to do.”

Cahill, who says his weight and body fat ratio has not changed since he was 17, confirmed his next move will ensure he can continue his international career.

“I’ve gone to the MLS because that allows me to play internationally,’ he added.

“The next decision that I make will still allow me to play internationally.

“I average 30 or 40 games every season since I was 17 years old and nothing’s changed.”

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