May 212015

Steven Pienaar was the talk of Twitter during Everton’s annual awards night.

Everton’s South African international did not pick up an award at St George’s Hall, but he got the thumbs up from hundreds of Evertonians for a series of entertaining replies to some VERY unusual questions.

Pienaar's tweetsPienaar's tweets

Pienaar, who has more than 400,000 followers on the social media site, was asked about Oscar Pistorius’ innocence, which footballer he would most like to punch – and the size of team-mate Romelu Lukaku’s manhood!

Pienaar wished Good Night to his followers after 1am – then deleted his tweets this morning.

Pienaar's tweets

But copies of his entertaining tweets are still circulating – and still being enjoyed.

“Better than the telly just need some food and update my twitter feed every 2 mins,” said Kyle McGivney.

Ricey added: “Pienaar is fantastic. Five year deal” while ViewFromGwladys said: “Steven Pienaar is on a drunken Twitter rampage. What a time to be alive!”

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