May 222015

Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson said the city council will continue to work towards a stadium solution for Everton FC after the club said it has not yet secured the money to pay for a new ground.

Everton wants to build a new ground in Walton Hall Park, but Elstone has said he will not risk the club’s long-term financial viability to build a new stadium.

Writing in the programme notes for Sunday’s match against Tottenham Elstone pointed to the fact the club needs support from Liverpool council.

Mayor Anderson said: “What Robert Elstone has said in his programme notes is that this is a financial problem that the club needs to resolve.

“From the point of view of the city council there are financial and legal constraints that limit what we can do.

“We are doing everything we can to support Everton moving forward and will continue to cooperate and work with the club in a positive way to find a solution for them and the city.”

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