Sep 082014

Everton have cancelled a Europa League supporters’ trip after a lack of interest.

The Toffees were drawn out the hat in Group H to ace, among others, FC Krasnodar – which means a daunting 4,000-plus mile trip into the heart of Russia.

And with travel arrangements particularly difficult the club, who pride themselves with the motto ‘We go the game’, have withdrawn the offer of a day trip package after numbers failed to reach minimum requirements.

An Everton spokesman said: “It is with regret we have had to cancel the trip. Any supporter who had applied will be written to directly to inform them that their application has failed.

“Please do note that no monies will be taken from your account.”

Day-trip packages, which are being offered in association with Everton’s travel partners Thomas Cook, for the other two away games in the group – against Lille in northern France and Germany’s Wolfsburg – are going ahead as planned.

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